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2 1 F E B R U A R Y 2 019 E V E R Y I N T E R AC T I O N C O U N T S ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT ADVOCATE P I P E L I N E P I C K U P Coming soon! AM plan feature availability for all accounts. Currently, account management plans can only be created by members of the account teams for K1-K4 accounts. We know this existing process is limiting, so we're removing the restrictions and inviting Pipeline users to create non- target specific client plans for any non-K account. This way everyone managing client accounts—regardless of size—can record and work toward the goals they've set to improve the health of the account. Watch for this enhancement on Pipeline before the end of Q1. Q U E S T I O N O F T H E M O N T H What are the top accounts in our Global region? Our top 5 Global region accounts by dollar value are: 1. Ashghal Public Works Authority of Qatar Region: Middle East North Africa (MENA) Account Manager: Roger Vreugdenhil Account Sponsor: Wessam Daoud 2. European Bank for Reconstruction & Development Region: Continental Europe Account Manager: Neslhan Somnez Account Sponsor: Murat Sarioglu 3. European Commission Region: Continental Europe Account Manager: Laurent de Wouters Account Sponsor: Christophe Leroy 4. European Investment Bank Region: Continental Europe Account Manager: Laurent de Wouters Account Sponsor: Christophe Leroy 5. Government of Dubai – Dubai Municipality Region: MENA Account Manager: Mohamed Ibrahim Account Sponsor: Wessam Daoud D I D Y O U K N O W ? Since the Ideas Hub launched in December 2017, the site has garnered more than 260,000 item views (blogs, videos, etc.), helping our work get noticed around the world. And the difference in item views between December 2017 (7,918) and December 2018 (30,800) is staggering—that's a 289% increase year-over-year. B L O G S Do you know how to design a win theme? Catch up on our blog series on the topic over on our AM Community Site. W H A T W E ' R E R E A D I N G The Confident Speaker by Larina Kase V A L U A B L E L I N K Nancy Dixon focuses on the people side of knowledge management. Read her thoughts on Getting Virtual Teams Right. H E A R D O N Y A M M E R From John Wanberg in the Creativity, Innovation, and Research Group. "Over the past six months we have been re-doing our C&I [Creativity & Innovation] project databases and community site to make it even easier to engage with our programs. Whether you are looking to get program information, apply, or search our historical archives, the new community site is the place to do it." C O N T A C T U S Have feedback on this issue of the AM Advocate? Want to suggest a topic for coverage? Interested in being spotlighted, or know someone who should? Contact: Or, contact the Advocate editorial team: Alison Tucker Kelli Shuter Cessna Cassandra Kyle Lisa Freeland C E L E B R AT E S U C C E S S F E AT U R E S V I D E O A M S P O T L I G H T S N E W S T I P S & T O O L S D E T A I L S

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