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16 N O V E M B E R 2 018 E V E R Y I N T E R AC T I O N C O U N T S ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT ADVOCATE P I P E L I N E P I C K U P Attention Pipeline users: In-line editing is here! In this easy-to-use upgrade, the "opportunity" search will be enhanced to enable quick, in-line editing of most fields right on the search results page. This change will allow users like you to keep your opportunities updated without the need to open each opportunity individually. Enjoy! Q U E S T I O N O F T H E M O N T H How do you find client SOQs? Well, first things first—remember to put your SOQ in the Pipeline! If SOQs aren't uploaded to the client record, no one will be able to find them. Assuming SOQs are uploaded, simply search the client record (the main page) in the "attachment" section. D I D Y O U K N O W ? Stantec's Market Research Team provides information and analysis related to our markets, clients, and competitors. Our vision is to build a culture of informed business development by offering tools, training, information management, and project support in partnership with sector and regional marketing and business development teams. We don't have a formal process for contacting us, so to request a project or learn more about how we can help, just email or call Alana Rutherford. B L O G S Get in on the Secrets of the Selection Process and learn why you should know your client, and why your client should know you. Ever wanted to strike up a meaningful conversation with a client, but weren't sure what to say? Find 50 ways to Just Ask in the latest Creative Connections post. W H A T W E ' R E R E A D I N G All for One by Andrew Sobel V A L U A B L E L I N K Influencer engagement in a B2B Environment H E A R D O N Y A M M E R Michael McWhirter (Washington, DC) presented at Breckenridge 2018 on How to win big with a new client! Interested in learning more about how demonstrating a history of routinely delivering similar projects won us a major Water project? Check out Michael's presentation then Join the conversation with Michael and others on this topic on Yammer. C O N T A C T U S Have feedback on this issue of the AM Advocate? Want to suggest a topic for coverage? Interested in being spotlighted, or know someone who should? Contact: Or, contact the Advocate editorial team: Alison Tucker Kelli Shuter Cessna Cassandra Kyle C E L E B R AT E S U C C E S S F E AT U R E V I D E O A M S P O T L I G H T S N E W S T I P S & T O O L S D E T A I L S

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