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2 N O V E M B E R 2 018 E V E R Y I N T E R AC T I O N C O U N T S ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT ADVOCATE Your work as an Account Manager (AM) is essential to our success as a Company. That's why we're shouting out about your big wins. Let's celebrate! Congratulations to the 97 AMs, PMs, and local business developers involved in important project wins in Q2 2018. While this is not an exhaustive list of recent project wins or everyone who contributed, we are excited to share with you this selection of people and projects. Because of their efforts and tenacity, Stantec has secured important contracts with key clients. Not only does this new work help us reach our goal of organic growth, it also creates a ripple effect throughout the Company, allowing employees to do the work they're passionate about. Thank you to everyone for their endeavors in taking these leads and turning them into wins. If you have a win you'd like to shout out about that is not mentioned here, you can share that great news by posting it in the Account Management and Client Service Yammer group. Read up on these big wins and take the time to congratulate your colleagues on a job well done. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT ADVOCATE Celebrate Success C E L E B R AT E S U C C E S S F E AT U R E V I D E O A M S P O T L I G H T S N E W S T I P S & T O O L S D E T A I L S

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